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Certificate of Occupancy Miami Dade

Certificate of Occupancy Miami Dade

At COU Of Miami, we get your Certificate Of Occupancy for Miami-Dade County done the right way, so that you can legally occupy your property right away.

Call us at 305-807-8771 to get us on the job for you.

If you have bought foreclosed-upon land or edifices in any part of the City of Miami or the County of Miami-Dade, you are mandated by Ordinance #08-133 (see the explanation from the county's official website at to obtain and file an offical Certificate Of Occupancy for Miami-Dade.

This bylaw is effective for the entire county, including Doral, Opa-locka, Hialeah Gardens, Homestead, Medley, North Miami, South Miami, West Miami, Miami Gardens, North Miami Beach, the City of Miami and all unincorporated areas.

Not only does COU Of Miami handle the Certificate Of Occupancy with Miami-Dade County from start to finish, we also have proprietary software tools that allow you, the customer, a web-based interface with which to track the entire process - which is under typical circumstances completed within three to five business days, depending upon the speed of the review board.

And it's a large, exacting, unwieldly process. It requires proper inspections, reviews, expediting, courthouse reporting, careful checking and ultimate delivery of your property's Disclosure Of Findings report and Certificate Of Use and Occupancy document in Miami-Dade County.

Even so, it's a process we've successfully completed in excess of 4,000 times since COU Of Miami began conducting business in 2009. We have our talented and dedicated team of engineers, architects, draftsmen and highly qualified land-law professionals to thank for our continued success.

Let us put that track record to work for you. Call 305-807-8771 to get connected with us, then upload your Certificate Of Occupancy for Miami-Dade directly to us, and we'll be off and running with it.

COU Of Miami, the experts in getting the Certificate Of Occupancy issued properly so that you can get into your property.