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The Difference between a Certificate of Use & a Building Permit in Miami-Dade

A Certificate of Use in Miami (CU in Miami) and a building permit are beneficial documents for a commercial or residential property-owner. Due to the fact that the terms are often used in similar discussions, some land owners think that both documents are the same. However, those two vary; while it's sometimes obligatory to hold the two documents, in certain cases, upon securing a Certificate of Use, applying for a building permit is unnecessary.

What Is a CU?

A Certificate of Use, sometimes called a zoning permit or a zoning order, is issued by a local planning department to commercial and residential property-owners. Its purpose is for the regulation of land use laws, as well as the control of the size, type, and height of a particular building. If you own property that is in need of minor improvements (e.g. kitchen refurbishments, garage extensions), the application for the document is required.

If you're a resident in the Miami-Dade County, you can apply for a Certificate of Use in Miami from us at COU Miami - Certificate of Use Inspections. Since our team of CU inspectors consists of professionals, we can ensure that the local zoning ordinances, particularly Zoning Ordinance 08 - 133, are met. Together with a document for Disclosure of Findings, we can be of service regarding any of your properties within the unincorporated Miami-Dade County.

What Is a Building Permit?

Like a Certificate of Use, a building permit is typically issued by a local planning department; it requires a safety inspection regarding construction plans before and after the building is finished. It focuses on the assessment of building function, occupancy, and possible risk factors of the building.

The purpose of a building permit is to guarantee that building codes in the Miami-Dade County are understood and adhered to. Among the standards that it has to meet include a proper safety framework, evacuation process, fire safety, and sound structure. With it, it means that a particular construction area was evaluated and granted approval for not threatening public safety.

CU vs. Building Permit: The Primary Difference

If you're aiming for protection against a series of land use laws, a Certificate of Use in Miami, along with the approval of a Disclosure of Findings, is the document to secure. Meanwhile, a building permit's concern is on the physical aspects of a building (i.e. if the evaluation is centered on the equipment and materials) to address accessibility, you need such permit prior to the start of your operations.

Why You Need To Know the Difference

The importance of determining the difference between a Certificate of Use and a building permit lies on the goal of the property-owner, as well as on the purpose of the construction plans. If the proper documents aren't secured and the standards of local laws and other building regulations aren't met, complaints can be filed against you.

Additionally, instead of relying on any provider of inspections services, consulting professional draftsmen, architects, and engineers is recommended. Especially if you're applying for a Certificate of Use in Miami (any location in the Miami-Dade County), we, at COU - Certificate of Use Inspections, are licensed and insured, and we can be of service.