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Certificate of Use Inspection

Certificate of Use Inspection

For your Certificate Of Use inspection needs, look no further than right here.

We are COU Of Miami. And though our team is staffed with veteran experts in engineering, architecture, drafting, inspecting, reviewing and courthouse recording, we really specialize in just one thing: Getting you into the foreclosed-upon property you purchased here in Miami-Dade County as quickly as possible, by getting your Certificate Of Use inspection and Disclosure Of Findings report done.

Ordinance #08-133 says that these documents are a must for owners of foreclosed properties before they take over use of those properties. With our acknowledged expertise, dedicated service and highly competitve rates, make your Certificate Of Use inspection business our business.

Uploading your request is easy. So is keeping track of your request's progress as we move it through the system, which you can do by utilizing our very own on-line functionality. It can take as little as three days or as much as five, all subject to the scheduling of the review board.

We speak from a wealth of experience. Since COU Of Miami began operations in 2009, we have successfully seen through more than 4,000 Certificate Of Use inspection requests and delivered the same number of Certificate Of Use inspection reports, resulting in over 4,000 satisfied customers who were able to take over the property they purchased because they came to us.

For properties in the City of Miami and throughout Miami-Dade County, including Doral, Hialeah Gardens, Homestead, Medley, Miami Gardens, North Miami, North Miami Beach, Opa-locka, South Miami, West Miami and other areas, both incorporated and unincorporated, COU Of Miami continues to serve property owners with their Certificate Of Use inspection needs.

Let's get started, so you can get going. Call us at 305-807-8771, and your Certificate Of Use inspection requirements will be correctly fulfilled.