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A Breakdown of Expediting Services for Certificate of Use Inspections in Miami-Dade

In the County of Miami-Dade, Certificate of Use or CU applications can be expedited by COU Miami - Certificate of Use Inspections. Since we invested in the propriety Certificate of Use software, we accomplish work quickly without compromising the land use standards set by the state authorities. Apart from that, we provide an online portal; you can simply upload requests for a Certificate of Use and you can have the process tracked. Within a week, particularly three to five days, results will be presented to you.

What Are Expediting Services?

Expediting services for a Certificate of Use application is the process of reducing time needed for inspection; the purpose is to deliver results fast and prevent delays of sorts. They involve a series of procedures that are focused on producing quality outcomes that conform to regulations while accomplishing the work within a set timeline. Since they require high-level skills, such duties are usually assigned to experts.

With us at COU Miami - Certificate of Use Inspections in Miami-Dade, Certificate of Use applicants can expect reliable expediting services. Unlike many groups that offer CU Inspections, we invested in a proprietary software program; not only does it help us with all the duties involved, it plays an instrumental role in lessening the time for project completion. With the tool, aside from giving you assurance that we will make the processes faster for you, we are showing you that we adopted certain practices for modern processing.

First-Level Expediting: Production Control

At the initial phase of the expediting services that we provide, we are geared toward the inspection processes; we examine a building's structure and determine if it consists of the necessary components for the overall framework. At this stage, the aim is to monitor if a certain amount of work is fit to be handled. And, in conjunction to the commencement of the first-level process, we check whether we are working on schedule for the products to be finished at an appointed date.

Second-Level Expediting: Quality

After production, expediting services are then centered on quality - the quality of inspections. We oversee every part of your construction plan, then evaluate whether each one is functional and serves its primary purpose. Should there be any discrepancies, we will acknowledge, then, propose solutions. Although the objective is to reduce the time needed for project completion, we do not participate in low-quality inspections. Other than ensuring that the standards of our team of professionals are met, we prioritize the compliance to the standards of concerned authorities. Only with such level of expediting services in Miami-Dade, Certificate of Use applications can be processed accordingly.

In Accordance to County Zoning Ordinance

Our expediting services are handled by a team of professional engineers, draftsmen, and architects. Alongside, we work in adherence to the implementation of Zoning Ordinance 08-133. Not only do we hasten the CU application process, we can assure you that we follow a set of regulations. With the services we offer at COU Miami - Certificate of Use Inspections in Miami-Dade, Certificate of Use applicants will not be subjected to a long waiting period.